Sunday, May 8, 2016

American Politics (again)

I have been asked on recent occasion my thoughts on the American Presidential Race. I generally try to avoid politics of all sorts, nothing good has ever come from it. Even more, I refrain from comment on affaires Americaines. It is their country, and if Americans want to alternatively bless it or ruin it, it is certainly little business of mine.

Still I have had a look at this Trump fellow, I must say I like the Cut of his Jib! Not only has he pursued his dreams of avarice, he has succeeded on a Grand Scale. He has created for himself and his beautiful, attentive family a Productive and Prosperous life that is the envy of One and All.

Now he dreams of the White House? More Power to him, say I! Surely a man so driven and talented shall not be denied this crowning glory.

As for his policies, I am not entirely sure has has any besides building wall at the Southern Border. In my opinion, anything that keeps the Wogs at bay is a good effort. You should see the criminal beasts they let into Canada these days. Perhaps if America can find a way to stem the filthy tide, Canada will, as we always do, follow suit.

Godspeed Mr Trump. and as for your wife, I have only one word. YOWZA!

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