Monday, January 18, 2016

American politics

Few realize that, although I am a Proud Citizen of the Great White North, I was born and spent my earliest years in the United States. I was born in an inn in Southern New Jersey and spent my first two school years on the Island of Manhattan.

Which gives me some license I think, to comment on Matters American. And while I do not follow the politics of the Southern Colossus, I must say that the American Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz bears an amazing resemblance to a Gentleman of my acquaintance. I refer of course to the famous nightclub entertainer and raconteur Johnny Fiama.

See for yourself.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear Uncle Snidely

Dear Uncle Snidely
I have a serious problem. I can't seem to impress or inspire the affection of any of the young ladies I meet. My life is rapidly become a lonely struggle against despair. I see that you never seem to lack for feminine company. Please teach me how can I win with the ladies.
Ladyless Loser

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Visit From Family

I had an unexpected visit from my Nephew Richard yesterday. For those who do not know him, Dick is quite active in the racing business. He was on a long-form race Over The Pole in one of those amazing Zeppelin craft one sees in the Newsreels. It's remarkable what can be done these days. Unfortunately, one of his Unscrupulous Competitors nobbled his Noble Craft, bringing it down almost in my backyard in Alberta. When I told him he was free to Drop In anytime he was in the neighborhood, I did not expect to be taken so literally! Fortunately he avoided Serious Injury.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sense and Suffragettes

There has been much talk lately, not merely here in Canada, where any Silly Idea can gain currency, but even in that Bastion of Sense, England, of allowing women to vote. It is perhaps superfluous to enumerate the reasons such a move would be Folly, but it is a Fact Proven by Extensive Experience that one cannot rest on the expectation that the Common Man will see such things with Reason and clarity.

The Reason advanced for so-called "Female Suffrage" is that Women deserve to have a Voice in the Decisions made which affect them as much as they affect Men. To which I can only reply "Balderdash!" The purpose of a government is to protect the Peace, Prosperity, and Comity of the Nation, not to give a voice to all. And frankly, women's voices are annoying.