Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sense and Suffragettes

There has been much talk lately, not merely here in Canada, where any Silly Idea can gain currency, but even in that Bastion of Sense, England, of allowing women to vote. It is perhaps superfluous to enumerate the reasons such a move would be Folly, but it is a Fact Proven by Extensive Experience that one cannot rest on the expectation that the Common Man will see such things with Reason and clarity.

The Reason advanced for so-called "Female Suffrage" is that Women deserve to have a Voice in the Decisions made which affect them as much as they affect Men. To which I can only reply "Balderdash!" The purpose of a government is to protect the Peace, Prosperity, and Comity of the Nation, not to give a voice to all. And frankly, women's voices are annoying.

The Objections are numerous but the principal objection is that women will not vote like men. A Woman will, on every occasion, vote her emotions rather than Right Reason. She will support the ruinous path of Endless Immigration merely because she feels sorry for some wog who lives in a latrine of a nation in Africa or Asia that he and his fellows have ruined for a thousand years. She will believe the blandishments of a Cad rather than the plain spoken thoughts of a Decent Man. She will elect any Seducer promising her Ease and Security, and vote down any Man pointing out the Road of Hard Work and Sacrifice.

Doubtless many will say that these generalizations do not apply to All Women, and a fair assessment of the Truth Of The Matter will support them. Certainly the Brave and Fierce Mothers and Wives staking out their family's claim in the howling wildernesses of Saskatchewan and Alberta can be depended on to vote with Sense and Reason. For each of these Models of Femininity, however, our Great Cities are stuffed with a dozen of the Usual Sort, silly vulgar guttersnipes, common gossips. golddiggers, tramps, and (dare I say it?) Women of Negotiable Virtue, who would render their Fellow Females' vote moot.

It's bad enough that we allow Frenchmen and Red Indians, Catholics and Dunkards, Drunkards and Charity Cases to vote in this Great Northern Land of ours. Adding women to the voter rolls could only end in disaster. It could even end in a Canuck Prime Minister!

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