Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Visit From Family

I had an unexpected visit from my Nephew Richard yesterday. For those who do not know him, Dick is quite active in the racing business. He was on a long-form race Over The Pole in one of those amazing Zeppelin craft one sees in the Newsreels. It's remarkable what can be done these days. Unfortunately, one of his Unscrupulous Competitors nobbled his Noble Craft, bringing it down almost in my backyard in Alberta. When I told him he was free to Drop In anytime he was in the neighborhood, I did not expect to be taken so literally! Fortunately he avoided Serious Injury.

As always he had his hound with him. I have never seen what Pleasure he takes in the Mutt. It is definitely a very Intelligent Beast, but its affection for its master seems... lacking. Still, it was well-behaved on this trip, at least.

I expressed my regret at his having lost both the Race, and his Fabulous Machine, and enquired if he perhaps might need some assistance in view of the undoubted monetary loss it represented. His reply astonished me.  He told me that due to the Sponsorship of a certain Moving Picture House, it was all the same financially whether he won or lost! In return for the right to film and display for Public Exhibition his various Escapades, this Studio keeps Richard on substantial retainer. He has garnered no little fame from the partnership, as well as the Unfettered Companionship of quite a few Pretty Young Things. In fact, I received an enquiry just yesterday asking if I was related to the young Fellow!

This revelation has started some Intriguing Lines of Thought. I have sent my Executive Minion, Homer, to New Jersey to meet with mister Avrams or Israel, or whatever the fellow's name is. Perhaps there is room for a Veteran of The Stage, perhaps older than Richard, but assuredly at least as Handsome, in this new industry.

I fed Richard and packed him on the train back to The States. Godspeed, Dick Dastardly, and Next time, take the Train!

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